"Carnivorous Plants: What’s the Big Deal?!" Scott Vergara

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Price: $25 - $35

$25.00 for Bellevue Botanical Garden Society members $35.00 Non-members

Audience: Adults, 21+, Singles

Category: Outdoors

Phone: (425) 452-2750

Event Schedules

Bellevue Botanical Garden

12001 Main Street, Bellevue 98005

May 3 2018

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM on

Event Description

Really!? What's not to love about a plant that eats fruit flies, yellow jackets, and more! Through a PowerPoint presentation and living flesh eating examples, Scott Vergara will examine the amazing adaptation of carnivory in plants, their appropriate care and feeding, how to create suitable “environments” for successful cultivation and enjoyment outdoors, and discuss which plants are suitable as year-round houseplants. We'll also touch on conservation issues. Scott has been collecting and cultivating carnivorous plants for the past 25 years and loves to share his enthusiasm for these truly bizarre plants.

Pre-registration required.
Limited to 30 participants.


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