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Bellevue Beat | The Essential Baking Company Opening First Cafe in Bellevue

You won't believe who's opening a new cafe in downtown Bellevue. The Essential Baking Company is opening its first cafe in downtown Bellevue.

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Hidden gems of Bellevue: local coffee shops

All this cold and rain outside makes me want to get away to a place where I can find myself sitting down for a few hours, and not only enjoying my great cup of coffee but also catch up on a few emails.

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Bellevue Beat | Centre 425 office tower boasts Bellevue's first-of-its kind rooftop conference center

Centre 425 is one of three new office towers under construction in downtown Bellevue. But it's no ordinary office tower.

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Bellevue Beat | What's the name of the tower where Carmine's restaurant will open in spring?

What's the name of that new apartment building under construction with sweeping views of Downtown Park, Bellevue's skyline, Lake Washington and the mountains and that hugs the edge of Old Bellevue historic district?

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Bellevue Beat | Amazon opening big new office in downtown Bellevue this summer

So we all know by now that Amazon is opening a big new office in Bellevue this summer. We know what and where that big new Amazon Bellevue office is. But who are the lucky bunches of Amazonians moving to the new Bellevue office?

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Bellevue Beat | Sneak peek inside new Capital One Cafe opening in Bellevue ... sorta

So who's keeping track of what's opened and is opening at the new Lincoln Square South in downtown Bellevue? From restaurants to state of the art movie theater with lounger, plush recliner seats, W Bellevue hotel to more restaurants, speakeasy-inspired bar to Nordstrom Rack, indoor cycling studio to more restaurants, coffee shop to a food hall with even more restaurants, and a Capital One cafe, it's the latter that we are most intrigued with.

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Bellevue | Make it boozy in Bellevue this winter

Dote Coffee Bar not only has what you would expect from a coffee place, but has plenty of things you wouldn't. It has a variety of high end chocolates and chocolate creations on display all made in house and it's now the first coffee place in Bellevue you can go to have a drink at.

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Bellevue Beat | Sneak peek behind T-Mobile's $160 million Bellevue HQ renovation

Factoria Bellevue is hitting refresh again as T-Mobile today unveiled plans for a $160 million renovation project of its entire Bellevue HQ campus.

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Bellevue Beat | Molly Moon's opening flagship ice cream shop and kitchen in downtown Bellevue

Molly Moon's Ice Cream announces the company will open its biggest scoop shop and ice cream kitchen in downtown Bellevue in spring 2020.

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