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Bellevue Beat | Whole Foods surveys move to Bellevue Square One of our readers Mary Powers posted on our Facebook page in late December asking if we've heard of Whole Foods possibly opening a store in the old JC Penny location at Bellevue Square on NE 4 th St across from Downtown Bellevue Park. We didn't think much of it at the time.

Yesterday, Brandon Macz at Bellevue Reporter tweeted that Whole Foods is conducting a survey on this subject.

We took to Facebook and asked our readers and fans what they think about a Whole Foods at Bellevue Square and the responses were overwhelmingly rapid and mixed.

One of our readers and long-time Bellevue resident Lyn Adams was surveyed by telephone and shared with us some of the survey questions.

Q: Do you shop at Whole Foods?

Q: They are moving to the former JC Penney location at Bellevue Square. Would you shop there in that location?

Q: They will be offering "freezer service" to hold your purchased foods while you shop at the mall ... then "will call" to pick up your groceries after shopping. Would you shop at Whole Foods with that benefit? 

So what do you think about a Whole Foods in the old JC Penny location at Bellevue Square? Oh, and what about this new "freezer service" idea? If not Whole Foods, then what do you want to see in that location? Share your comments on our Facebook page.


Published: February 18, 2015


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