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2017 Lunar New Year Celebration

The Lunar New Year is the most important holiday of the year for many Asian families. Lunar New Year, commonly known as Chinese New Year, is an official holiday in many countries including China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

2017 marks the Year of the Rooster on the Lunar calendar and begins on Saturday, January 28, 2017.

The Bellevue Collection | Saturday, February 4 - 11AM - 6PM

Bellevue celebrates the Lunar New Year on one spectacular and colorful day filled with dance, music and art, including traditional events such as the Lion Dance and the Chinese Lion and Dragon Parade. The event, held in Bellevue Square's Center Court on Saturday, February 4 from 11am to 6pm, also celebrates the richly diverse cultural heritage of Bellevue. The festival is open to audiences of all ages and includes complementary fun activities for all to participate in.

Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration |
      photos © jami davis  

One of the highlights is the Chinese Lion and Dragon Parade during the New Year Spectacular from 2-3pm. This dramatic and colorful parade is an integral part of the Chinese culture with the traditional lion dance and dragon as a symbol of strength and good luck to the community. Other events include demonstrations and performances by martial arts groups, Chinese opera, traditional dance and music, plus family friendly activities including flying lantern and year of the sheep hanging art DIYs, Chinese Calligraphy demonstrations and more located on the second floor near J. Crew.


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Saturday February 4

11AM - 12PM

Pillars of a Rich Heritage

Lion Dance 舞獅 by South Puget Sound Chinese Language School Lion Dance Troop

Chinese Music 中樂團表演 by Members of Washington Chinese Youth Orchestra

Chinese GuZheng 古箏 by Shirley Wang, Seattle GuZheng Studio

Dance Performance 舞蹈表演 by iDance Club

12PM - 1PM

Art and Culture of Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy 書法 by aster Kenneth Pai, Master Ben-Sam Ho, Artist Sue Hwang

1PM - 2PM

Triads of a Brilliant Legacy

Dance Performance 舞蹈表演 by Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances

Taichi and Wushu 太極和武術 by Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy LLC

2PM - 3:15PM

Lunar New New Spectacular

Chinese Lion and Dragon Parade (龍獅獻瑞) by International Lion Dance & Martial Arts Team

VIP Speech 嘉賓致詞

Chinese New Year Blessing Mask Dance 跳加官

Taiwan Guan Jiang Shou 官將首 by Taiwan Traditional Folk Performing Troupes - Cliff Louie, Ching-Pi Wang, Vincent Wang, Joe Lu

Taiwan Aboriginal Dance 台灣原住民舞蹈 by Washington State Native Taiwanese American Association

Sichuan Style Chinese opera (Change Face) 川劇絕技(變臉) by Long Yu

3PM - 4PM

Dramatic Culture Fiber

Shaolin Martial Arts 少林功夫 by Seattle Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

Dance Performance 舞蹈表演 by Hengda Dance Academy

Techno Third Prince Nezha 電音三太子 by Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors (FASCA)

Taiwan Aboriginal Dance 台灣原住民舞蹈 by Washington State Native Taiwanese American Association

4PM - 5PM

Backbone of Strength and Grace

Wu Dang 武當武術 by Master Wu Na Chang and Master Mei-Hui Lu, International Wudang Martial Arts Academy

Dance Performance 舞蹈表演 by Chinese Dance Academy

Dance Performance 舞蹈表演 by Huayin Performing Arts Group

5PM - 6PM

Showcase of Character and Elegance

Folk Music Ensemble 民樂合奏
Flute: by Jin Liang Ji, Distinguished Flute Musician;
GuZheng: by YiBing Chen, Distinguished GuZheng Musician;
Lute: by Peng Yi, Distinguished Lute Musician

Seattle Taiwanese Children’s Chorus 西雅圖台灣兒童合唱團

Kung Fu, Martial Arts Demonstration 風武雷動 by Master TianYuan Li, Northwest Wushu Seattle Martial Art School

Kunqu Opera 崑曲 by Jin Liang Ji, Distinguished Flute Musician

Flute Solo 笛子獨奏 by Hwa Sheng Chinese Opera Club-Opera performer Shung-Chiu Wang, Alice Ohlfs


Activities located on 2nd Floor by Lululemon Athletica

1PM - 5PM

Chinese Calligraphy of Couplets and Names 作畫揮春和翻譯姓名 by The Green Lake Association for Chinese Poetry Calligraphy and Painting


Activities located on 2nd Floor by J. Crew

11AM - 3PM

"Peace" Paper Cutting平安剪字

"Blessing" Paper Cutting福字剪紙屏風

Firecracker DIY鞭炮

Lantern DIY提燈

3-D Dragon立體祥龍

"The Year of Rooster" Hanging Fortune雞年吊飾

Wealth Fish紅包魚 by Legacy Multicultural and Educational Service Center

Chinese Knotting中國結藝 by Sylvia Ma, Seattle Chinese Knotting Association

11AM - 3PM

Handmade Bookmark 手工書籤

Handmade Lantern 手工燈籠

Chinese Spring Ornament Ar t春聯掛飾

Window Decoration Paper Cutting 剪窗花 by Sound Education International

Happy Rooster Head 快樂公雞

Lucky Lion Mask 獅頭面具 by Seattle Culture and Education Institute

Face Painting 臉部彩繪

Chinese Calligraphy Bookmark 書法書籤

Chinese Opera Mask 國劇臉譜 by Sue Hwang

Clay Art and Craft 紙黏土

Balloon Modeling 摺氣球 by PiHua Hsiao


Updated: January 24, 2017
Video courtesy of The Bellevue Collection; Lunar New Year photos by Jami Davis

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