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2019 Lunar New Year Celebration - Year of the Pig

The Lunar New Year is the most important holiday of the year for many Asian families. Lunar New Year, commonly known as Chinese New Year, is an official holiday in many countries including China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The Lunar New Year begins on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Each year is symbolized by an animal of the Chinese Zodiac. This year, it's the twelfth sign -- the pig.

Chinese New Year Dining in Bellevue

Chinese New Year is another season to celebrate and what better way to bring in the Year of the Pig than to gather family and friends and feast! Here are some of Bellevue's favorite Asian and Chinese restaurants to celebrate with your family and friends in true Chinese style.

Whole Five-Spiced Crispy Duck at Peony Kitchen | Stir Fried Lamb with Green Chili Peppers at La Bu La | Braised Pig Ear at MonGa Cafe |

  Seafood Noodles at Baron's Xi'An Kitchen & Bar |
  Hot pot at Boiling Point |
  Braised Lamb Casserole at Shanghai Cafe |  
Baron's Xi'An Kitchen & Bar | 425-625-2165

Peony Kitchen | 425-502-7652

Monsoon East | 425-635-1112

Wild Ginger | 425-495-8889

Din Tai Fung | 425-698-1095

Boiling Point | 425-455-8375

Dough Zone | 425-641-8000

Facing East | 425-688-2986

La Bu La | 425-688-7991

Toy's Cafe & Bakery | 425-454-8815

King's Chinese Restaurant | 425-378-8009

The Dolar Shop | 425-390-8888

Nuodle | 425-395-9999

Shanghai Cafe | 425-603-1689

Xiao Chi Jie | 206-372-4633

Crispy Dover Sole at Peony Kitchen | Pork Trotters with Rice at MonGa Cafe | Seafood Hotpot at King's Chinese Restaurant |


One88 Bellevue | February 2, 9 & 10, 12 - 2PM

In celebration of the Lunar New Year 2019, we're reopening our Sales Gallery for a series of 3 very special weekend events on 2/2, 2/9 & 2/10 (noon-2pm) and a final opportunity to experience the sophisticated appeal of Bellevue's signature high-rise address.

Join us for an exciting series of local and cultural art, live music, dance festivities and more.

  • Saturday, February 2, 12-2pm
  • Saturday, February 9, 12-2pm
  • Sunday, February 10, 12-2pm

When you attend any of the 3 events (2/2, 9, 10), share a photo on social media with our hashtag #One88LunarNewYear & you'll be entered to win a red envelope with a surprise cash prize.

The events are held at One88 Sales Gallery, located at 200 105th Ave NE, Bellevue WA, 98004. For more information about the events and RSVP, visit One88 Bellevue.

The Bravern | Saturday, February 2, 2 - 4PM

Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration |

Join The Bravern in the celebration of the richly diverse cultural heritage of the East that represents exclusive joyfulness and exuberance, and to bring a little "good fortune" for the New Year.

Besides the outdoor décor to create an exuberance ambiance, on the afternoon of February 2, the luminous lanterns and art installation featuring traditional Chinese culture will be switched on at The Shops at The Bravern. Microsoft Tower 2 will also be lit up in red with a giant Chinese character "fu" meaning prosperity and good luck from February 2 - 19.

The Bellevue Lunar New Year celebration will feature:

  • Dragon and Lion Dance - *2 sessions at 2:30pm & 3:30pm. Deputy Mayor, City Councilmembers, Store Managers and The Bravern management will feed the lions with red packets and take group photos at the end of the 1st session
  • Chinese Face Painting
  • Spring Festival Couplet Calligraphy
  • Paper Cutting
  • Lantern Making
  • Lunar New Year Desserts

Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration |

The Bellevue Collection | Saturday, March 2 - 11AM - 6PM

Bellevue celebrates the Lunar New Year on one spectacular and colorful day filled with dance, music and art, including traditional events such as the Lion Dance and the Chinese Lion and Dragon Parade. The event, held in Bellevue Square's Center Court on Saturday, March 2 from 11am to 6pm, also celebrates the richly diverse cultural heritage of Bellevue. The festival is open to audiences of all ages and includes complementary fun activities for all to participate in.

Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration |
Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration | Chinese New Year Celebration |
      photos by jami davis, bellevue collection  

One of the highlights is the Chinese Lion and Dragon Parade during the New Year Spectacular. This dramatic and colorful parade is an integral part of the Chinese culture with the traditional lion dance and dragon as a symbol of strength and good luck to the community. Other events include demonstrations and performances by martial arts groups, Chinese opera, traditional dance and music, plus family friendly activities including flying lantern and year of the sheep hanging art DIYs, Chinese Calligraphy demonstrations and more located on the second floor.

Saturday March 2

11AM - 12PM

Joyful Harmony (喜氣洋洋)

Dance Performance by Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances (西雅圖歌舞團楊曉)

Flute Solo by Distinguished Flute Musician Jin Liang Ji (笛子獨奏)

Chinese Guzheng by Shirley Wang, Seattle GuZheng Studio (西雅圖王晶古箏藝術中心)

12PM - 1PM

Auspicious Beginning (開春吉祥)

Calligraphy 書法 by Master Kenneth Pai (白玉崑老師, 號鶴野鳴皋), Master Ben-Sam Ho (何炳森老師), and Artist Sue Hwang (蘇玉枝老師)

1PM - 2PM

Abundant Treasures (年年有餘)

Chinese Music by Seattle Chinese Orchestra Youth Esemble (西雅圖國樂團少兒組 張文龍老師)

Shaolin Martial Arts by Master Zhou Lei, Seattle Shaolin Kung Fu Academyy (西雅圖少林功夫學院周磊師傅)

2PM - 3PM

Lunar New Year Spectacular (新年快樂吉星高照)

Chinese Lion and Dragon Parade (龍獅獻瑞) by International Lion Dance & Martial Arts Team

Chinese New Year Blessing Mask Dance 跳加官

VIP Speech & Group Photos 嘉賓致詞

Sichuan Style Chinese opera (Change Face) 川劇絕技(變臉) by Long Yu

Aboriginal Dance 把情種 by Seattle Folk Dance Club

Taiwan Guan Jiang Shou 官將首 by Charles Chen, David Wangopian, Cliff Louie, and Vincent Wang, Taiwan Traditional Folk Performing Troupes

Seattle Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (小豬迎新春)


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3PM - 4PM

Scrumptious Richness (大吉大利)

Dance Performance by Hengda Dance Academy (恆達舞蹈學院)

Chinese Wushu Taichi Master Yijao Hong, Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy LLC (中國武術太極學院 洪一姣師傅)

Folk Dance by Seattle Folk Dance Club (西雅圖真善美土風舞社)

4PM - 5PM

Blossoming Prosperity (花開富贵)

Wu Dang by Master Wu Na Chang and Master Mei-Hui Lu, Wudang Martial Arts Academy (武當武術學院張悟納和呂美惠師傅)

Dance Performance Chinese Dance Academy (中國舞蹈學院米朵麗)

Chinese Opera by Seattle Chinese Opera Academy (西雅圖曹辰戲曲學院)

5PM - 6PM

Cheerful Success (吉祥如意)

Dance Performance by Huayin Performing Arts Group (華音藝術團吳小明)

Kung Fu, Martial Arts by Master Tian Yuan Li, Northwest Wushu (西北武術風武雷動李天媛師傅)

Free gifts after each segment: lantern, calendar, spring festival couplet

New Year Food Sampling From Din Tai Fung (12-3 pm) and Baron's Xi'an Kitchen & Bar (3-5 pm) (while samples last)

More Family Friendly Activities

11AM - 5:30PM - Second Floor by J. Crew

11AM - 5:30PM - 1st Floor by Gap

1 - 5PM - 2nd Floor by Lululemon Athletica


Updated: January 27, 2019
Video courtesy of The Bellevue Collection; Lunar New Year photos by Jami Davis

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