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Old Bellevue's Main Street has a new name: Al Fresco Row

Yes, Al Fresco Row!

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That's what we are calling the stretch of Main Street between Bellevue Way NE and 100th Ave NE in Old Bellevue that is lined with quaint outdoor tables, patios and other al fresco paraphernalia street side a la French cafes. 

We tallied up some 9 restaurants, delis and cafes with al fresco, street-side seating ideal for not only people watching but car watching too (11 if we include T'Latte and newcomer 99 Park just north of Main Street). These Old Bellevue restaurants and cafes are serious about alfresco dining, often the first ones to set out their patio tables, chairs and umbrellas at the first smell of sunshine even if it's just for a day.

Take your pick of views, cuisines, ambiance or sidewalk chairs, everything tastes best outside. Here we go, heading westbound on Al Fresco Row in Old Bellevue starting at Bellevue Way NE.

Click on to see a street view of a restaurant.

1. Araya's Place Araya's Place - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
Thai, Vegan - 425-454-2440 | 10246 Main Street

2. Belle Pastry Belle Pastry - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
Cafe/Bakery - 425-289-0015 | 10246 Main Street

3. Bis on Main
French - 425-455-2033 | 10213 Main St

4. 520 Bar & Grill 520 Bar & Grill - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
American - 425-450-0520 | 10138 Main Street

Bellevue Al Fresco Row |


5. Local Burger Local Burger - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
American - 425-454-8559 | 10134 Main St

6. Cantinetta Cantinetta - Bellevue Al Fresco Row | Photo courtesy of Cantinetta
Italian - 425-233-6040 | 10038 Main Street

7. Gilbert's on Main Gilbert's on Main - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
Deli/Cafe - 425-455-5650 | 10024 Main Street

8. Mercato Stellina Mercato Stellina - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
Pizzeria - 425-732-6611 | 10000 Main Street

9. Pagliacci Pizza Pagliacci Main St - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
Pizzeria - 425-453-1717 | 8 100th Ave NE

10. 99 Park 99 Park - Bellevue Al Fresco Row |
American - 99 102nd AVE NE | 425-999-3991

11. T'Latte
Cafe - 425-709-6868 | 37 103rd Ave NE

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Check our Bellevue Outdoor Dining Guide for a complete list of Bellevue restaurants, bars and cafes that offer al fresco dining. Let us know if we miss a spot.

Published: April 25, 2015


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