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Bellevue Beat | Is Expedia really moving its corporate headquarters to Bellevue's westside?


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Word on the streets is Expedia's considering relocating its corporate headquarters in Bellevue over to the other side of the lake.

Marc Stiles at PSBJ today wrote that Expedia is moving its world headquarters in Bellevue to Seattle. Given that today is April Fools' Day we're not sure what to make of it. An official announcement will be made by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Thursday, April 2.

Expedia currently employs some 3,000 people in Bellevue WA. Most of Expedia talents work at the Expedia tower at 333 108th Ave NE and the remaining talents work at the nearby Skyline Tower in downtown Bellevue. The company currently leases about 503,000 square feet in downtown Bellevue, with leases expiring October 31, 2018, and is said to be looking  for a 700,000-square-foot office.

3,000 talents and 503,000 square feet of office space! That's a whole lot of talents to leave Bellevue and a whopping empty office tower.

What do you think about Expedia moving its headquarters out of Bellevue? If you work at Expedia, then let us know if you would prefer to stay and expand in Bellevue or move? Share your comments on our Facebook page.

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Published: March 2, 2015
Updated: April 1, 2015


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