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Article by Chris Bell.


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Sometimes you just need a break from everything and now that the holidays are here, life just gets even busier. With parties, shopping and planning those family trips to add to our daily list of things to do it's very easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. If you're like me and you can't just hop on a plane and escape to Hawaii for the weekend, then I recommend the next best thing. Book a night at a nice hotel in Bellevue, order some room service and a cocktail and get away from everything.

Checking In
The W Bellevue is the newest hotel to open in downtown Bellevue and offers a fresh modern look to all its guests. As you enter the hotel you walk right into amazing art work surrounding the grand stair case that leads you to the check in desk.

The staff is very friendly and quick to get people checked in. If you do happen to have to wait, then there is a "Living Room Bar" (on the right of the check in desk) and "Library" (on the left of the check in desk) both with great seating to accommodate you. FYI: Bathrooms in the check in area are coed. Separate Men's and Women's stalls but the sinks are shared so don't be surprised if you do see a member of the opposite sex across from you.

Where to staycation in Bellevue | The Library - W Bellevue Hotel in Downtown Bellevue | The Living Room - W Bellevue Hotel in Downtown Bellevue |

The Room
The rooms at W Bellevue have a cool open concept layout with great pops of color everywhere. The bathroom and shower are the largest I've seen in a standard room and gives the room a wow factor. Full mini-bar and snack bar are also included. The quality of the room overall feels high-end and there are small details all over that just adds to the experience.

As much as I loved the room, there was one odd design feature that could be a problem for families who stay at the hotel. There is no separation from the front door and the shower. If you do not deadbolt the front door, there is a good chance someone can easily walk right in and interrupt your shower. If you do remember to lock that door, you will lock everyone out from the room until you finished using the shower. So, if you have friends/family coming in and out of the room all the time, then it will be something you will have to coordinate around.

Where to staycation in Bellevue | Where to staycation in Bellevue - photo by Chris Bell |

Room Service
The menu has plenty of options to offer from burgers to dog treats. I had the grilled angus burger and it was delicious.

With The Lakehouse Bellevue restaurant handling room service for the W Bellevue, it assures that your food will be made from high quality ingredients and is far from your average hotel room service experience.

The W has fantastic options to offer its guests. The Gym is huge and has a great view of downtown Bellevue.

It can handle any kind of work out you have in mind from yoga to cross-fit and just like the rooms it has small details that add to your experience. In this case, offering apples and headphones in a lounge area is a nice touch that is uncommon to see in a hotel gym.

Where to staycation in Bellevue - photo by Chris Bell | Where to staycation in Bellevue | Where to staycation in Bellevue - photo by Chris Bell |

If working out isn't your thing, then there are two bars that can keep you entertain. The living room bar has a great outdoor patio with a fireplace and doubles as the hotel's night club in the evening.

While Civility & Unrest bar is more low key and is a great place for a drink. This place is also well hidden during the day as its front door blends into the walls and can easily be missed.

My Experience
Overall, I was very happy with my stay at the W Bellevue and would stay there again. I do think it has some unique design features that isn't for everyone but the service, the food and the amenities are top notch. With the hotel being centrally located downtown Bellevue surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops, it's a perfect location for a quick staycation trip.


Published: December 3, 2017
Photos by and @chrisbell85


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