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By now you must have seen, read about or came across pictures in your social media feeds of those colorful, stationless bikes sprouting all over Seattle (primarily downtown core and South Lake Union). Well, you will see those bright orange, yellow or green bikes in Bellevue very soon.

According GeekWire, City of Bellevue is targeting May 2018 to launch a small dockless-bike sharing program starting with about 400 shared bicycles. All shared bikes in the Bellevue pilot will be electric.

A key feature of the Bellevue bike share program will be what's called "bike hubs". Typically bikeshare riders leave bikes anywhere in the city where it is legal to park. With bike hubs, riders can drop off bicycles in designated parking zones for shared bikes. The city hopes these bike hubs will help curb the bike litter problem. Residents in cities with bike sharing programs have taken to Instagram to document all the unusual places where bikeshare bicyles have been left in and around their cities (@limebikesightings, #bikeshareseattle, @bikesharenightmare).

So comes May you can hop on a shared bike for quick errand in downtown Bellevue, a trip to the Bellevue transit center or Enatai Beach Park, a weekend stroll along alfresco row in Old Bellevue, a cultural excursion to Crossroads, and everything in between. Imagine that.

Bike sharing coming to Bellevue - photo courtesy of City of Bellevue |

What do you think of bike sharing in Bellevue? Will you use it? What will you use it for? Where will you go? So many questions. Share your comments on our Facebook page.

So how does bike share work?
Here's a quick guide to get you ready for bike sharing in Bellevue, courtesy of the Seattle Bike Blog. All you need is an Apple or Android smartphone and a credit or debit card to get started. You will need to create an account and input your credit/debit card info before starting. Rides cost $1 for each 30 minutes on Spin or LimeBike ($1 for an hour on ofo). Services often offer free rides to get you started.

  • Download a company‚Äôs app and find a bike near you on the map.
  • When you find one, use their app to scan the QR code posted on the bike to unlock the rear wheel.
  • Bike to your destination and find a place to park.
  • Slide the lock on the back wheel to end your trip.

Published: March 21, 2018. Updated: August 1, 2018.
Photos courtesy of SDOT


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