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Bellevue Beat | To Fold or not to Fold

Having T-Mobile headquartered right here in Bellevue has its privileges. We dropped by the T-Mobile Corporate Store at Two Newport in Factoria for a hands-on sneak peek of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.


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We have to admit, the Fold feels really good in hand in both the open and closed positions. The Fold opens up like a book to reveal a near-square display. Surprisingly, it does not feel any heavier than say the Galaxy S10+ even though when closed the Fold takes up nearly the height of two regular phones stacked together.

The folding motion is smooth and the clicking sound it gives when folded is definitely distinguishable and in a good way that is. If you are out and about and happen to hear the unique clicking sound, then you will know that there's a Galaxy Fold nearby.

There are plenty of reviews and unboxing videos available online on the Galaxy Fold but nothing beats holding and playing around with one in your own hands. Oh, and the clicking sound on closing is kind of addicting.

Big thanks to @askdes & @susana_srz for the hands-on sneak peek. It's decision time. To Fold or not to Fold.

The Galaxy Fold goes on sale Friday, April 26!

Samsung Galaxy Fold closed |

Samsung Galaxy Fold open |

@askdes and @susana_srz with Samsung Galaxy Fold |

Published: April 19, 2019


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