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Bellevue Beat | Bellevue offers free public Wi-Fi at select city facilities and outdoor locations Photo by John Popenoe.

Want to check your email on the move, find the best happy hour, or book a table for dinner but don't want to use your device's data? If you're in Bellevue, you'll have no problem doing so--the city provides plenty of free public Wi-fi for residents and visitors to use as they explore the city.

Bellevue residents and visitors can access the Internet for free at select Bellevue-area facilities and outdoor locations through the city's free public Wi-Fi connection, BellevueConnect. Visitors to these Bellevue locations can connect to the complimentary Wi-Fi with their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

BellevueConnect is available at the following city facilities:

  • Bellevue City Hall
  • South Bellevue Community Center
  • North Bellevue Community Center
  • Highland Community Center
  • Crossroads Community Center
  • Crossroads Mini City Hall
  • Lewis Creek Visitor Center

Bellevue also offers free public Wi-Fi coverage in outdoor areas in downtown Bellevue and at Crossroads. The city estimates that over 6,000 peope use BellevueConnect outdoors each week. Outdoor Wi-FI is available in the following locations:

Downtown Bellevue coverage area bounded by 100th and 110th avenues and Main and Northeast 10th streets

Crossroads Bellevue neighborhood

How to Use BellevueConnect
If you are within range of BellevueConnect and wish to use the service, follow the Wi-Fi connection steps for your mobile device and find BellevueConnect in your list of available networks.

  • Select BellevueConnect.
  • When popup asks you to accept terms of use, check the accept box. (If the Terms and Agreement page does not automatically pop up, open a web browser and you should automatically be presented with the terms and agreement).

Enjoy the convenience of the Wi-Fi service, but please beware of the following limitations:

  • While the city does use some basic internet security filtering, there is no filtering on objectionable content.
  • This is a free, open, wireless service, so there are no assurances on security or privacy.
  • There is no guarantee on performance or reliability of the service, as it may vary based on demand.

Published: January 12, 2020
Photo by John Popenoe


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