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Bellevue Beat | Make dining out normal again!

So great to see more and more Bellevue restaurants are reopening or preparing to reopen in the coming days and weeks during Phase 1.5.

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Yesterday we decided to drop by Central Bar + Restaurant in downtown Bellevue on its first day of reopening. After nearly three months, what a great feeling it was to go through the rituals of going out to dinner at your local restaurant.

We arrived early for our 8pm reservation and grabbed two go-to prosecco drinks and waited in the front patio on NE 6th Street. Every service/staff member at Central wore a mask including the DJ who set the mood curating a rotation of classic vibes and contemporary beats.

There's no longer a physical food menu to touch and browse through. Instead you use your phone to scan a QR Code on the table tent at your table and voila the menu appears on your phone! Every food plate that came out of the kitchen had a plastic see-through plate cover on it. Bravo to the team at Central for ensuring the health and safety of their service team and guests. Check out the below photos from our dine-in service.

Central Bar + Restaurant | Central Bar + Restaurant |

So as more Bellevue restaurants begin reopening this week, let's come out and support your local Bellevue restaurants and the many service people they employ. Let's make dining out normal again!

Remember seating is limited due to capacity restrictions under Phase 1.5: 50% for outdoor dining services and only 25% for dine-in services. So make sure you order up, eat and drink well, tip your server generously and get the heck out so others can experience the joy of dining out again!

Check our Restaurants page, Happy Hour and Outdoor Patio Dining guides if you need a refresher of our local restaurants in Bellevue and make a reservation today.

Seared Ahi at Central Bar + Restaurant | Filet Mignon at Central Bar + Restaurant | Blasted Cauliflower Central Bar + Restaurant |

Published: June 7, 2020


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