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Bellevue Beat | Michelin-recognized Farzi Café brings its bold and flavorful twists to downtown Bellevue

Farzi Café, the highly popular and Michelin-recognized Modern Indian Bistro, is all set to open in downtown Bellevue on April 1. The much-awaited launch marks Farzi's eleventh international restaurant and its first in the US, with a vision to make Indian food as mainstream as other major cuisines.


Farzi Café Bellevue
Farzi Cafe Bellevue |

515 Bellevue Square
On Bellevue Way next to Castilla

Located on Bellevue Way at Bellevue Square, Farzi Café is already a successful restaurant chain with locations in London, the Middle East, and India, offering an incredible blend of Indian flavors with a modern twist.

What sets Farzi Café apart is its innovative approach to global cuisine, using Indian spices and cooking techniques to create items like dry-aged steaks, short ribs, salmon, prawns, halibut, chicken, and lamb, which are then "farzified" with bold and flavorful twists that distinguish them from traditional Indian fare. The restaurant is committed to transforming sensory dining by bringing unique twists to classic Indian dishes.

Farzi Café bars are places "to see and be seen," offering cocktails that mirror the showy presentation of the food and environment. The restaurant is a lush, whimsical showcase that is gorgeous without being overwhelming, making it the perfect destination for delightful and attractive cocktails in Bellevue.

Farzi Cafe Bellevue | Farzi Cafe Bellevue | Farzi Cafe Bellevue |

Founded in 2014 by Zorawar Kalra, a global food celebrity known as 'The Prince of Indian Cuisine,' Farzi Café has expanded to ten countries, offering a modern take on Indian flavors. The launch of Farzi Café in Bellevue is made possible by local franchise partners Amit Upadhyay and Dhiraj Singh, along with Mr. Kalra.

The Executive Chef for the restaurant is Chef Gaurav Chawla, a culinary authority and TedX presenter with numerous awards to his name. Chef Chawla will incorporate Northwest food products and his unique touch into the food and drink menus.

Together, the team behind Farzi Café Bellevue is set to bring the unique and flavorful experience of modern Indian cuisine to the Pacific Northwest. With its commitment to transforming the way sensory dining is perceived, Farzi Café is sure to be a hit with both locals and visitors.

If you're a fan of Indian cuisine or just love exploring new culinary experiences, make sure to visit Farzi Café at Bellevue Square. With its modern take on traditional Indian flavors, Farzi Café Bellevue promises to be an award-winning destination for anyone who loves bold and flavorful food.

Farzi Cafe Bellevue | Farzi Cafe Bellevue | Farzi Cafe Bellevue |
Farzi Cafe Bellevue | Farzi Cafe Bellevue | Farzi Cafe Bellevue |

Published March 26, 2023
Photos courtesy of Farzi Cafe Bellevue


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