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Bellevue Beat | Experience "Piloti" from anywhere through a 3D virtual tour and digital twin

Bellevue has officially unveiled a captivating art installation called “Piloti” at Bellevue Downtown Park. Created by artist Marc Fornes/THEVERYMANY, the 23-foot artwork is a combination of art and architecture with fluted columns that rise to form a perforated canopy with light filtering through.

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Can't wait to get an early up-close look in person, fret not! Check out the 3D digital twin and virtual tour of the awe-inspiring artwork from where you are. Immerse yourself in the virtual tour and explore every detail. While nothing can truly replace the magic of experiencing the artwork firsthand, the digital twin offers a remarkable alternative that brings you closer to the artistry and grandeur of "Piloti" from anywhere.


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The name “Piloti” refers to the columns that support buildings in Venice, Italy. The installation is meant to evoke the feeling of walking through a forest of columns and is intended to reflect Bellevue’s innovative technology sector, love of natural forms, and its creative community.

The installation process for "Piloti" began earlier this year, taking place on-site at Bellevue Downtown Park. Though the installation itself was completed weeks ago, it was only this week that the surrounding fencing was removed, allowing visitors to approach and even touch the artwork. In all, “Piloti” is made up of over 6,600 unique panels with over 60,000 handmade folds and fastened with over 180,000 rivets.

The “Piloti” installation is an important addition to Bellevue Downtown Park and the community as a whole. It reflects the city’s commitment to innovation and creativity and enhancing public spaces with inspiring works of art. Visitors can now experience the awe-inspiring installation up close and touch it for themselves.

So, next time you find yourself in Bellevue, make sure to swing by Downtown Park for an up-close look at "Piloti."

Piloti Art Installation at Downtown Park | Piloti Art Installation at Downtown Park | Piloti Art Installation at Downtown Park |

Published: May 27, 2023.


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