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Bellevue Beat | Tranquility unveiled: exploring Bellevue's Chesterfield Beach Park

Discover tranquility and breathtaking lake views at Bellevue's hidden gem, Chesterfield Beach Park. Nestled just south of downtown Bellevue and north of Beaux Arts Village, this small yet enchanting beach park is a serene escape from the bustling city.


Chesterfield Beach Park
Chesterfield Beach Park |

SE 25th St & Killarney Way, 98004

Chesterfield Beach Park invites visitors with its welcoming amenities, including a cozy swimming area and a sturdy dock for those seeking a refreshing dip in Lake Washington. Whether you decide to unwind with a delightful picnic, accompanied by your favorite book or a captivating podcast, or simply bask in the peaceful ambiance, Chesterfield park caters to all your relaxation needs.

To reach the beach, take the picturesque winding paved trail from the park entrance on SE 25th Street. The trail is lined with beautiful mature trees and lush greenery, creating a scenic journey down the steep hill, setting the stage for the breathtaking views that await you at Chesterfield Beach.

Parking is a breeze, with space for approximately 3-4 cars available at the park entrance. For additional parking options, Killarney Way offers street parking within walking distance of the park.

Chesterfield Beach Park | Chesterfield Beach Park | Chesterfield Beach Park |
Chesterfield Beach Park | Chesterfield Beach Park | Chesterfield Beach Park |

With its idyllic setting and inviting features, Chesterfield Beach Park promises a rejuvenating experience, making it an ideal getaway for nature lovers and city escapists alike. So pack your essentials, grab your favorite book or podcast, and head over to this tranquil haven in Bellevue. Your serene escape awaits!

Published: July 27, 2023


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