Bellevue Live Traffic Cameras & Flow Maps

Bellevue Traffic Flow Map

The Bellevue Real-Time Traffic Flow Map provides up to the minute real-time traffic conditions on major arterial routes in metro Bellevue, including Downtown Bellevue, Overlake/Crossroads, and Factoria/Eastgate.

View Bellevue real-time traffic flow map (please wait for map to load after clicking).

Bellevue Live Traffic Cameras | Seattle Traffic Cameras

View traffic snapshots from cameras located along many metro Bellevue-area arterials. To view a Bellevue traffic snapshot, simply click on a camera location in the map below.

Bellevue Live Traffic Cameras Map
Bellevue Way/NE 8th St 106th Ave NE/NE 8th St Bellevue Way/NE 4th St 100th Ave NE/NE 4th St 108th Ave NE/NE 4th St NE 4th St/110th Ave NE NE 4th St/112th Ave SE NE 8th/112th Ave NE NE 12th St/112th Ave NE Main St/110th Ave NE SE 8th St/114th Ave SE 116th Ave SE/Railroad Lake Hills Connector/SE 8th St SE 5th St/ 116th Ave SE 148th Ave NE/NE 8th St 156th Ave NE/NE 8th St NE 20th St/148th Ave NE Bel-Red Rd/116th Ave NE 116th Ave NE/Overlake Hospital NE 8th St/116th Ave NE Richards Rd/SE 32nd St Richards Rd/3600 Block SE 28th St/148th Ave SE NE 6th St/110th Ave NE Lake Washington Blvd/Northup Way 108th Ave NE/Northup Way 124th Ave NE/Northup Way 140th Ave NE/NE 20th St 124th Ave NE/Bel-Red Rd 156th Ave NE/NE 24th St 148th Ave NE/NE29th Pl 156th Ave NE/NE 15th St 148th Ave SE/Eastgate Way 150th Ave SE/SE 37th 139th Ave SE/Eastgate Way Bellevue Way/112th Ave SE 112th Ave SE/SE 6th St NE 10th St/112th Ave NE NE 30th St/Bel-Red Rd Coal Creek Parkway/119th Ave SE Factoria Blvd/Coal Creek Pkwy