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Phone: (617) 583-1700

21 Erie Street, Cambridge 02139 | Directions

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About Metabolix, Inc.

Metabolix Inc., founded in 1992, is an advanced biomaterials company focused on delivering sustainable solutions to the plastics industry. We have core capabilities in microbial genetics, fermentation process engineering, chemical engineering, polymer science, plant genetics and botanical science, and we have assembled these capabilities in a way that has allowed us to integrate our biotechnology research with real world chemical engineering and industrial practice. In addition, we have created an extensive intellectual property portfolio to protect our innovations which, together with our technology, serves as a valuable foundation for our business and future industry collaborations.

Metabolix was formed to leverage the ability of natural systems to produce complex biopolymers from renewable resources. We have focused on a family of biopolymers found in nature called PHAs, which occur naturally in living organisms and are chemically similar to polyesters. We have demonstrated the production of PHAs at industrial scale for biopolymers.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

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Happenings at Metabolix, Inc.

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