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Phone: 425-698-1933

Tags: Chinese tea, boba tea, loose tea, milk tea

308 105th Ave NE, Bellevue WA | Directions

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About ChiCha San Chen - Bellevue


ChiCha San Chen is a new bubble tea shop in downtown Bellevue and is known for their high-quality teas, particularly bubble teas, also known as boba teas, which are made with tapioca pearls. The company has a strong focus on freshness and quality, with all teas brewed on-site, and they use fresh milk instead of powdered milk in their milk teas.


The Taiwanese tea shop is known for their award-winning Dong Ding Oolong Tea and popular drinks like bubble milk tea, fresh milk with brown sugar bubble, and osmanthus oolong tea with mango. What sets ChiCha San Chen apart is their use of toasted tea leaves, which are harvested from their own tea plantation and brewed fresh for each order.


The menu includes drinks from their Taro Collection, peach collection, tea with coffee, pure tea, tea with honey, tea with mango, tea with passion fruit, tea with lemon juice, tea with cream, tea with mousse, and more.


So, if you're a fan of high-quality bubble teas and milk teas, ChiCha San Chen is definitely worth checking out.


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Hours: Tue-Thu, Sun Noon-8pm; Fri & Sat Noon-9pm

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Happenings at ChiCha San Chen - Bellevue

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