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The Table to Fill Derek Andrew's Vacant Space

Back in October last year we posted on our Facebook wall asking "What ever happened to Derek Andrew?" 'Til this day, it appears that no one knows Derek Andrew's fate after the women's boutique quietly closed its long-time downtown Bellevue shop. Rumors floated that the boutique moved to Seattle and to Kirkland. There were no signs posted at the vacated space informing shoppers why it closed or where it moved to. Nothing, until now.

Today we spotted signs posted at the vacant space but their revelation wasn't what we expected. In fact, the revelation is more than we were looking for. The Table--A Community Cafè--will open in that same space in Spring 2012!

The Table | The Table | The Table |

The liquor license posted at the front door indicates that The Table will be some sort of "wine/beer" restaurant. Perhaps a bistro-like restaurant. The Table, located at 901 104th Ave NE, will have plenty of free parking as it shares the parking lot with Cost Plus World Market and new second-floor tenant Society Consulting.

The Table will join a handful of new restaurant additions in Bellevue in early 2012, including Lunchbox Laboratory, Pho Cyclo Cafe, Koral and Bake's Place. All this is great news for Bellevue and its hopping nightlife and dining scene.

Oh, and if you know what happened to Derek Andrew or where it moved to, then please let us know below.

Published: January 9, 2012
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