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What to Wear to Fashion Week: Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection

Guest column by Lindsay O'Neil

Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection (September 24 - 28) is kicking off its ninth year of runway shows, chic parties and more. But, if you are anything like me, in addition to being incredibly excited you might be standing in front of your closet wondering "What Do I Wear to Fashion Week?" Well, after having covered a few of these fabulous events (in LA, no less) I have a few pointers that will hopefully come in handy:

1. Keep it simple. Unless I'm mistaken, you are there to observe and enjoy...not walk the runway. Don't feel the need to impress the cameras or compete with the models. No ball gowns necessary.

2. Don't overspend. The most important thing is to look great -- but that can be accomplished in something affordable. I'm all about investing in a great bag or shoe, but don't go broke just to sit in a chair on the sidelines.



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3. Think theme. Every designer has a different style or trademark -- use it to guide your clothing choices. Going to a Gypsy 05 show? Grab some bohemian hippie chic casual wear. Future Heretics the following night? Go black and rocker chic. But don't overdo it. Like I said before, you are not making a trip down the catwalk.

4. There are no rules. Fashion is all about mixing styles and bringing it all to the party. This is the Pacific Northwest after all. Chances are you'll see outfits from every level of the casual to formal clothing spectrum. Keep it classy and sophisticated and you will be fine.

5. Go with Confidence. Embrace your style and own it. If you love color, don't shy away from it. If a little black dress is your thing, then throw it on with some great heels. If you feel great, it will show.

6. Have fun. It's incredibly cliché, but a smile is your best accessory. So enjoy yourself and stop worrying about whether or not your outfit is from last year's collection.

If you're still looking for some tips and tricks to look your best for Bellevue Fashion Week -- or any occasion -- be sure to check out the list of free special events going on all week long at the Bellevue Collection. They are geared towards us regular folk that are eager to learn all we can when it comes to fashion & beauty!

Have some fashion and style pointers of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Published September 27, 2012; updated September 2014
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Lindsay O'Neil | Lindsay O'Neil
Lindsay O'Neil is an accomplished blogger and professional in the marketing & entertainment industries.



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