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Bellevue | Make it boozy in Bellevue this winter

Article and photos by Chris Bell

From Starbucks to Tully's, we all know what to expect from a traditional coffee place. A wide selection of drinks and an array of pastries and sandwiches to go with it. Pretty standard stuff and nothing memorable. Well, I'm happy to share that there is one place in downtown Bellevue that is putting a twist on coffee shop.

Dote Coffee Bar not only has what you would expect from a coffee place, but has plenty of things you wouldn't. The new coffee shop in Lincoln Square South has a variety of high-end chocolates and chocolate creations on display all made in house and it's now the first coffee place in Bellevue you can go to have a drink at.

This boozy coffee and chocolate inspired selection is a great way to try something new after dinner, work or that much needed break from shopping. These drinks will feature either whiskey, rum or tequila and is paired perfectly with chocolate. The richness of the chocolate tastes amazing and the alcohol gives it a nice kick.

Make it boozy at Dote Coffee Bar | Make it boozy at Dote Coffee Bar |

Whiskey Double Chocolate
Honey dark chocolate and espresso spiked with whiskey from Skip Rock Distillery. It's the most popular one of the three currently offered and tastes like the best hot chocolate you'll ever have.

Make it boozy at Dote Coffee Bar | Make it boozy at Dote Coffee Bar |

Rum White Coconut
Handmade vanilla white chocolate steamed with coconut milk and a shot of Sum Rum Silver. Smooth taste and the coconut adds a nice flavor to make it stand out.

Make it boozy at Dote Coffee Bar | Make it boozy at Dote Coffee Bar |

Spiked Mexican Chocolate
Dark chocolate, espresso and Cimarron Blanco Tequila, topped with whip cream and sprinkled with cayenne. This drink will wake you up with a nice kick from its tequila and cayenne.

So, next time you're in downtown make sure you stop by Dote Coffee Bar. The friendly staff will make you feel like family and the drinks will have you coming back for more. Co-owners Sarah Doud and Chef Ewald Notter are dedicated to the best customer experience making sure the quality of the coffee and chocolates are on another level. They aren't afraid to think outside the box and try new things. It is also the only place that you can possibly catch a demo on how they make their chocolates while you have your drink.

Make it boozy at Dote Coffee Bar |


Published: December 20, 2017


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