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By Chris Bell

The first ever Food Rave event is coming to downtown Bellevue at the AC Hotel on April 13. This event is one of the most exclusive, private, and top social cooking classes created. Co-managing director Linh Nguyen shared the story behind the one-of-a-kind concept, what makes it so unique, and what attendees can expect at The Food Rave.

How did the concept for The Food Rave come about?
The art of cooking is actually exciting, especially among friends. A kind of reverse potluck if you will, except we provide the food and the drink; you just come and enjoy putting it all together. I also think cooking for fun is just another way of bringing people together, enjoying each other’s company, and raising the line of communication.


The Food Rave |
The Food Rave - Bellevue

Friday, April 13 | 7 - 10PM
AC Hotel - Downtown Bellevue
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What makes The Food Rave different from other food events?
This event is very different due to the creating, the cooking and the mixing all in one event. Our event focuses on creating a community movement circled around what we love: food. The event allows for people to learn a skill, immediately implement with new friends, and step into an environment that is created to give back and do more. Since it is a rave, the planning is not too far in advance, it's coming soon, it's something more to do, and it's off the beaten path.

Have you done this in Bellevue (or Seattle) before?
The Food Rave is new to Bellevue. I wanted to present an event to the city that was fun, creative, and unknown…to shake things up a bit and let the city know we are more than just Tech and skyscrapers!

How many people normally attend the event?
We hope to have 150+ but we have had as many as 50 in a space. We are selective in our choice of venue as this is not just about the Food Rave, it is also about building to strengthen the community, businesses, and more.

The Food Rave | The Food Rave |

Is it hands-on cooking classes or more cooking demos?
This is definitely “hands-on”. This is a cooking class on steroids! No more watching Food Network or the competitive shows – this is the attendees prepping, cutting, placing, cooking, eating, and sharing together. Each attendee gets to choose which meal they would like to make. Like most, some enjoy appetizers, entrées or just want the dessert! The Food Rave lets you indulge in your cravings and teaches you how you can do it all by yourself, as a community.

What will be on the menu for the Bellevue Food Rave?
The menu is a secret – designed by the chefs. Each chef is known for what they are good at – though we have a goal to let attendees know that you don’t have to go to a fine dining restaurant to get a fine-dining meal!

The chef that we are presenting in Bellevue is an Italian-based chef. He will be creating meals with attendees where the meals are more likely to be found at 3-star restaurants. The idea is to show that you can do all of this at home in a short amount of time, while saving money. Basically, bring the restaurant to you and your family. The Food Rave is made to make cooking simple, fun, and more entertaining than the typical night.

The Food Rave | The Food Rave |

What will be the local charity for this event?
Since the charities are focused on the local area, we are committed to let the attendees choose as they please. Sometimes it’s hard to decide, because you want to help all that you can. So, if anyone has a charity that is dear to them, then 25% of the ticket they will be purchasing will be donated to the cause they choose. We have let as many charities know in the local area that the event is for everyone including their current and future donors.

Published: March 25, 2018


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