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Bellevue Beat | Amazon leases future Cadillac Towers in downtown Bellevue

Fresh off its purchase of the Bellevue Corporate Plaza a week ago, Amazon again expands in downtown Bellevue with lease of two office towers that are not even built yet. Developer Trammel Crow Co. said Amazon leased an entire two-tower office development it has planned at the old Cadillac dealership in downtown Bellevue.


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The Bellevue Cadillac Office Towers development project is located on the northwest corner of NE 10th Street and 106th Ave, directly north of Hyatt Regency Bellevue in downtown Bellevue. City records show the Cadillac Office Towers project calls for the development of two, 15-story office towers with retail and restaurant uses above two 7-level underground parking garages. The tallest height of the occupied space in the two office towers would be 230 feet above ground. The total amount of parking proposed is approximately 1,407 spaces (710 spaces in the East Tower parking garage and 697 spaces in the West Tower parking garage).

There are two structures on the project site including: a one-story former Cadillac dealership that contained the showroom and dealership offices, and a one-story service repair garage. Portions of the project site are currently leased by three interim tenants including a kickboxing outfit. Both structures, constructed in 1970, will be demolished.

Amazon leases future Cadillac Office Towers in downtown Bellevue |

Amazon leases future Cadillac Office Towers in downtown Bellevue |

Amazon leases future Cadillac Office Towers in downtown Bellevue |

Construction on the project is slated to begin in October for the underground parking garage and the East Tower with occupancy by September 2021. Construction of the West Tower and parking garage is anticipated to begin in March 2020 with occupancy by December 2021.

It is estimated that approximately 1,400-1,700 employees could work in the proposed Bellevue Cadillac Office Towers project. Developer Trammel Crow Co. recently gave the two office towers the official name of Binary Towers.

Published: April 29, 2019


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