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Bellevue Beat | 4 places to dig into chicken and waffles in Bellevue

Article and photos by Chris Bell

For anyone who loves breakfast, or anything fried, Chicken and Waffles is a dish that seems to always have a special place in people's heart or belly. One is sweet, the other savory, and together they make a satisfying and unforgettable duo.

I am one of those people and happy to report that Bellevue has some great spots to dig into chicken and waffles when the morning hangry craving strikes.

Tavern Hall

A malted Belgian waffle with pickle brined fried chicken severed with butter, pickles and a spicy honey. This is a great dish that will leave you happy and full. (Available weekends only)

Chicken and waffles in Bellevue |


The Waffler

Waffles severed with fried chicken breast and herb butter. A quick and easy casual local spot that is worth checking out. (Available daily)

Chicken and waffles in Bellevue |


Earls Kitchen & Bar

Hot fried chicken thigh with golden waffles and maple syrup. This is a perfect dish for those who prefer a smaller portion. (Available weekends only)

Chicken and waffles in Bellevue |


The Lakehouse

Buttermilk fried chicken and waffles with wild baby greens, maple syrup and house made hot sauce. A delicious start to the morning with a hot sauce kick. (Available weekends only)

Chicken and waffles in Bellevue |


All these wonderful restaurants got the main idea right serving crispy fried chicken and delicious waffles, and they also each provided something a little different. From big portions to small ones, from spicy honey to herb butter to hot sauce it was those extra touches that made each one stand out in its own special unique way.

What's your favorite spot to dig into chicken and waffles in Bellevue? Share your comments on our Facebook page.

Published: October 21, 2019


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