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Bellevue Beat | Bellevue Downtown Park by air via DJI Inspire1

What a magnificent week of summer weather we're having here in Bellevue and it's just the start of July. Sunny and clear blue sky across the horizon and no wind. Perfect conditions to go out and shoot some aerial footage of our lovely city in the park.

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Bellevue Beat | Flying over Mercer Slough Nature Park with DJI Inspire 1 drone

We joined up with the Drones Plus Bellevue team of Chris Wilson and Shawn Barrera last week for another drone flying session over our beautiful city in the park.

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Bellevue Beat | Flying over Enatai Beach Park with DJI Inspire 1 drone

We've been wanting to get aerial footage of the water and what better and more beautiful body of water than Lake Washington right off Bellevue's own shore at Enatai Beach Park.

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Bellevue Beat | Aerial video of 20th Annual Tug Championship

Saturday marked the 20th annual Tugboat Championship held at Bellevue Downtown Park. We tag-teamed with Shawn Barrera of Drones Plus Bellevue to grab some video footage of the tug championship. Shawn brought along the DJI Phantom 3 drone and we brought the GoPro Hero 4 camera.

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Bellevue Beat | Sun is shining and so are you Bellevue

We hit the streets of Bellevue with James Older, manager at Drones Plus Bellevue, after the morning clouds cleared yesterday with the DJI Inspire 1 drone to catch the beautiful Bellevue sunshine. Our stops included the old railroad tracks behind Total Wine & More and Uwajimaya, the parking lot behind XO Restaurant that sits right along I-405, the courtyard at Bellevue City Center and the marina at Meydenbauer Bay.

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Bellevue Beat | Bellevue Dawn to Dusk

See why Bellevue is the place you want to be in "Bellevue Dawn to Dusk".

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Bellevue Beat | We belong to something new

Is this Northwest rain and dreary sky getting you down? Here's a quick picker-upper video to help you escape if only for a brief moment and offer a gentle reminder that we belong to "something new".

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