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The Ariel Pocock Trio played a sold-out performance at Eastside Jazz Club

The Ariel Pocock Trio with Ariel on Piano and Vocals, Forrest Giberson on Bass and Paul Miranda on Drums played a sold-out performance in downtown Bellevue on Tuesday, February 9.

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Bake's Place Moving to Greener Pasture in Downtown Bellevue

Eastside's popular jazz supper club Bake's Place is heading for greener pasture in downtown Bellevue in early spring 2012!

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The Table to Fill Derek Andrew's Vacant Space

Back in October last year we posted on our Facebook wall asking "What ever happened to Derek Andrew?" Today we spotted signs posted at the vacant space but their revelation wasn't what we expected.

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Bellevue Beat | Bellevue's Palomino Serves Up Live Tunes This Summer

Palomino announces its live concert series with free evening performances throughout July and August

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Bellevue Beat | Bellevue Arts Museum and 91.3 KBCS present BAM SOUND & VISION

Bellevue Arts Museum and 91.3 KBCS present BAM SOUND & VISION. The new concert series couples inspired music with powerful exhibitions. Join us on the final Friday of each month for live music, art, libations, and food trucks.

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Bellevue Beat | Forum Social House bringing cutting edge entertainment experience to downtown Bellevue

Kemper Development announces its newest tenant to take over the former massive space of Parlor Live at Lincoln Square in downtown Bellevue.

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Bellevue Beat | Bake's Place October Delights

Bake's Place will be having four different theme weeks starting October 5th through the end of the month. Featured will be six different specialty cocktails, one for each of the six days they're open each week. First up will be wine from Delille Cellars, second week is Negroni Week, third is Save The Whales Week, and the fourth will be Bourbon Week.

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Bellevue Beat | Rouge Cocktail Lounge launches new Supper Series menu with local pop-up kitchens

If you're looking for a unique dining experience in Old Bellevue, look no further than Rouge Cocktail Lounge's new 'Supper Series' menu. Featuring local pop-up kitchens, the menu offers a range of exciting and flavorful options that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

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